Plan, design, and render superiority. We partner with architectural teams to build the highest quality shielding projects with a seamless design.
Quality, timing, and budget with coordinated precision. We provide specifications, details and technical support to install a superior MRI shielding system.
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A custom solution for your shielding requirements. We develop a plan with our electromagnetic specialists for hospital environments and present you with the best system that suits your needs and budget.
Project manager
Experience and knowledge are at our core. We maximize the performance of your equipment by building MRI shielded enclosures that meet stringent OEM specifications.

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Montreal firm specializing in MRI shielding solutions to expand to numerous new global healthcare markets Details

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a cutting-edge diagnostic technique. However, the performance of this sophisticated diagnostic tool depends essentially on the quality of the shielding provided.

There is no shielding system on the market in Canada which outperforms SDI. In fact, our system was originally developed to meet the most stringent requirements of MRI magnet manufacturers.

No wonder SDI is the shielding most often specified by these OEMs.